highlights of the humorous and intriguing side of life.


And Sometimes...A Love Story.

And Sometimes...is a highlight of the humorous and intriguing side of life.  Life does not always go as we plan or desire. It is all too easy to be frustrated or stressed.  And Sometimes... is a great reminder that in frustration and stress there can be humor, if we choose to see it.  

We are living a life with the impact of an ALS diagnosis, in addition to the typical (or may be atypical for some) life stressors. And Sometimes...is a project and mission to focus and find the positive, humorous, or intriguing in everything even when it does not seem like it is possible. Our hope is that And Sometimes... educates, motivates and supports others to focus on the positive and lighten the heaviness of stressful situations or just life.  At a minimum we hope it adds a smile to your day!  

Through Christ all things are possible. And Sometimes...that includes making fun of all aspects of life.